Drivers Paradise

Welcome to the Drivers Paradise website. This is about moddable vehicle games.

Well, after several versions of this website with different CMSs, I decided with TDU (Testdrive Unlimited) not to list any mods, having too weak quality. Most others, for example with less 3d details at interior, are listed, even with bad quality textures. More bad mods will not be listed.

I started with TDU, next TDU 2 will follow. What after that, I will see. At least a modable game listet here could be ETS 2 (Euro Truck Simulator), ATS (American Truck Simulator) or GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V). But all of them have tons and more tons of mods. We will see, if I have the time to do with TDU first.

I am not allowed to offer download links of any mod on my page.
Just follow the links at "Published at" within the mod detail pages to get the mods.
If the links there are dead, ask there for a reupload.

Magic V8